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The Curriculum

The curriculum for all the classes is as per the requirements of the ICSE. The following subjects are compulsory upto X Std level:
1. English, Punjabi, Hindi (Three languages upto VIII Std and two from IX Std upward)
2. Mathematics
3. General Science
4. Social Science
5. Computer (From Nursery upward)

For general studies, the school has elaborate arrangements for the following activities for middle and high classes:
1. Chart Making
2. Needle work and embroidery
3. Public Speaking
4. Dramatics
5. Band
6. News Bulletin
7. Music & Dance
8. Art & Painting
9. First Aid
10. Science Club
11. Gardening

Co-Curricular Activities

In the premises of school, pupils are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities in the belief that this is an essential aspect of their overall education and complementary to their academic development, both of these components being essential in preparing our pupils for life. Our school is committed to an education that extends beyond the confines of the class room. Students of this school ardently participate in different co-curricular activities like debate, declamation, art and craft, dance, Giddha, Bhangra, Quiz Comp. etc.